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Communication is a Key Step to Success.  Please share your ideas with us!
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Dear Western District Members,

            Our goals for this year are to continue to increase member involvement at district business meetings, increase the use of district website as resource for our members, and increase membership at our district level.  Please refer back as along with the Mid-State Workshop on March 10th.   Details will be posted so stay tuned!

       I'm really excited to serve as President and looking forward to a great year.  I'm looking forward to meeting you at one of our meetings; our next being May 3rd.   Thank you for all your support!  

Jo Ambrose
IAHPERD Western District President

"Fit Kids Learn Better"

Upcoming Events

Mid-State Convention } March 10th
Shape-Up } March 8th
Western District Meeting } May 3rd
IAHPERD State Convention } Nov 16-17

There are several bills - amendments out there that could eliminate PE as a mandated subject in Illinois schools.  If they pass, the consequences could be devastating to our profession and our jobs.  This would also be harmful to all of the students that would be deprived of the chance to participate in physical education classes.    Please contact your legislators immediately and let them know not to vote for these bills for the sake of our children.  The link below will help you figure out who represents you.  

CLICK HERE to Find Your Legislator

Childhood Obesity Epidemic Costly In Many Ways 

1. The average 10-year-old girl weighed 77 pounds in 1963; today, 88. The 10-year-old boy weighed 74; today, 85. 

2. A 2006 study tracking 2,000 low-income children in 20 cities found that a third were overweight or obese
    before the age of 4. Most at risk: Hispanics. 

3. Even more than smoking or drinking, says a UCLA/Rand study, obesity triggers significant health problems and
      increases health spending. 

4. Children and teens consumed 110 to 165 more calories than they burned each day over a 10-year period,
    adding up to 58 pounds of extra weight, according to a Harvard University study. 

5. 2 percent of U.S. children eat a healthy diet as defined by the Agriculture Department. 

6. "Husky" car seats were developed several years ago. More than 250,000 children younger than 6 exceeded
      the weight standards for regular car seats in 2006. 

7. Soft-drink consumption has increased 300 percent in 20 years and is the leading source of added sugars for

8. 25 percent of all vegetables eaten in the United States are french fries or chips. 

9. 25 percent of all Americans eat fast food at least once a day. 

10. Americans consume 20 percent more calories than a generation ago; most come from fats and oils (up 63%),
      grains (up 43%) and sugar (up 19%). 



You can find your state representative and senator and their contact numbers at  www.ilga.gov



At the state convention, IAHPERD recognizes numerous award winners.   Do you know an outstanding individual in the professional fields of Physical, Health, Dance, Adapted or Leisure Education? Recognize these people by nominating them for Teacher of the Year (TOY).   These awards are given in recognition of outstanding instructional performance for elementary, middle, and secondary school physical education as well as in adapted, dance, health, and leisure education. Elected individuals have shown their great ability to motivate today's youth to participate in a lifetime of physical activity. 

An FYI; anyone can nominate an outstanding teacher.  You can nominate anyone, as long as the individual is eligible for the respective award.  To check requirements and perhaps nominate someone in the future, check out the applications located on the IAHPERD main web site.

To download applications for any of the awards below; click HERE 

(A) Elementary Physical Educator       (B) Middle School Physical Educator    
(C) Secondary Physical Educator   (D) Health Educator   (E) Dance Educator  
(F) Service Award    &     (G) Honor Award 

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If you send me someone's name and e-mail address, I will include them in our e-mails for Western District.   Thanks again for visiting our web site.  


Jo Ambrose

President of Western District
Illinois Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance
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Check out the latest pieces of Info!
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This page was last updated: February 28, 2017
Check out the latest pieces of Info!
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Dear IAHPERD Members - A Message from Judy Tiggelaar (Government Affairs Chair)

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Our State Convention is going great!
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Communication is a Key Step to Success.  Please share your ideas with us!

12 Bills That We Are Following

HB 378 (Chief Sponsor Steven Reick) no position 2-12-2017
HB 378 Mandates

HB 664 (Chief Sponsor Thomas Morrison) no position updated 2-20-2017
HB 664 Pupil Physical Privacy moved to House Facilities Subcommittee

HB 788 (Chief Sponsor Demmer) OPPONENT 2-12-2017
HB 788 Unfunded Mandates

HB 791 (Chief Sponsor Sandoval) no position 2-12-2017
HB 791 Mandates and Vocational Education

HB 2569 (Chief Sponsor Demmer) OPPONENT 2-22-2017
HB 2569 Allow any student for any reason in grades 9-12 to exempt out of PE

HB 2949 (Chief Sponsor Conyears-Ervin) PROPONENT Support 2-22-2017
HB 2569 Allow any student for any reason in grades 9-12 to exempt out of PE

SB 13 (Chief Sponsor Radogno) OPPONENT 2-12-2017
SB 13 Property Tax Relief, Unfunded Mandates, Diminish PE Requirements, Eliminate Drivers Education

SB 650 (Chief Sponsor Michael Connelly) no position 2-12-2017
SB 650 Mandate Waiver Notice

SB 1232 (Chief Sponsor McCann) no position 2-27-2017
SB 1232 Athletic Activity

SB 1425 (Chief Sponsor McConchie) OPPONENT 2-27-2017
SB 1425 Mandate Relief

SB 1480 (Chief Sponsor McConnaughay) OPPONENT 2-27-2017
SB 1425 School District Innovation 

SB 1523 (Chief Sponsor McCarter) OPPONENT 2-27-2017
SB 1523 Permanently diminishes physical education requirements. (Senate version of HB 440)

Bills that the State Legislators have taken action on
HB 440 (Chief Sponsor Jeanne Ives) OPPONENT Defeated2-23-2017
HB 440 Permanently diminishes physical education requirements.

HB 670 (Chief Sponsor Thomas Morrison) OPPONENT Defeated2-23-2017
HB 670 School districts may offer drivers education through contracted commercial services

Continue taking action by following the steps listed below:

Step One:  File a witness slip
Even if you have already filed a witness slip it is time to file another. We will need to do this multiple times. Unfortunately each time the committee recesses the witness slips reset to zero.
When filling out the witness slip please identify yourself as a citizen or voter instead of teacher or IAHPERD member.

Step Two:  contact your State legislators either by phone or email
If you don't know who your State legislators are the following link will help you find that information: Find Your State Legislator
Be sure to contact your State (the one with a Springfield office) not US legislator (the one with an office in Washington, DC).

If you are not sure how to fill out a witness slip, please see iahperd.org

Here's a script that you can follow if you email or call your Senator or Representative:

My name is____________
My address is _________________

Dear _______________________,

As a voter in Illinois and a constituent, I am urging you to vote NO on (identify the bill by number).

The reasons why I ask you to vote NO on (identify the bill by number):
Permanently diminishing physical education requirements will deprive students of instructional time that is critical for developing the motor, movement, and behavioral skills that are essential for the lifelong maintenance of a physically active lifestyle.

91% of parents feel that there should be more physical education in schools, particularly for addressing obesity (SHAPE America/American Heart Association, 2016 Shape of the Nation.)

Physical education is identified as an Essential Subject for a well-rounded education, therefore, Title I, Title II and Title IV funds are available for physical education programs (Every Student Succeeds Act 2015).

(your name)